Sabino Canyon electric shuttle

The emission-free, open-air Sabino Canyon Crawler shuttles each seat up to 60 passengers with 20 seats in the power car and 40 seats in the trailer. Up to two wheelchairs may be accommodated per trip. Standing passengers will not be permitted.

The electric shuttles are Trams International Model 6000E-HD, battery-powered (14,000 GVWR) with Trams International Model 2105 tram trailers (10,000 GVWR).

The fully developed fleet has five electric shuttles (power car and trailer). Electric shuttles will be charged overnight.

Bear Canyon shuttle

Gas-powered shuttles operate on the Bear Canyon route. These air-conditioned vehicles have 21-passenger capacity, plus space for either two wheelchairs or four ambulatory passengers. Standing will be allowed on this route by passengers boarding at Stops 1-3 only if all available seats are taken.

Vehicles will be cleaned daily and regularly maintained.

Sabino Canyon Crawler
Sabino Canyon Crawler