Sabino Canyon Crawler

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About Sabino Canyon Crawler

Sabino Canyon Crawler, an emission-free electric shuttle, enhances the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area experience and is designed to protect the area’s natural and cultural resources.

The electric shuttles seat up to 62 passengers and offer an enhanced interpretive program that shares details about how Sabino Canyon was formed, what kind of plant and wildlife live in the canyon, seasonal changes that occur in the canyon, plus important historical and cultural information.

An individualized automated narration system allows each passenger to plug provided earbuds in at their seat to enjoy a unique experience and shield non-shuttle canyon visitors from noise and sounds. The narration is available in English and Spanish.

Safety measures include:

  • The first row of seats behind the driver is reserved for passengers with mobility devices, and the seats within the driver cabin area are reserved for Sabino Canyon Crawler employees.
  • When rainfall is occurring or has recently occurred in the Sabino Canyon watershed, the Sabino Canyon Crawler will operate on the Highwater Tour, which goes to Stop 2 in Sabino Canyon, and then to the Sabino Overlook and Sabino Dam.
  • Passenger compartment windows have been removed from the enclosed vehicles operating on the Bear Canyon/Seven Falls Trailhead Service.
  • Cash sales will only be permitted by reserving seats with an on-site Shuttle Concierge and using the drop box on the south side of the Shuttle Ticket building. The exact fare amount is required, since no change can be given.
  • All vehicles have public address systems for making emergency announcements.

Sabino Canyon Night Tours

Night tours through the Sabino Canyon on the Crawler will be offered on Saturdays through October. 

In September, the tours will start at 7 p.m. and in October, the tours will start at 6:30 p.m. 

To select a date, start the ticketing process above by selecting the Sabino Canyon Tour, enter how many tickets you need and click on Next, then view the calendar for available night tours on Saturdays at the scheduled time to book your trip. 

Picnic at the Sabino Canyon Dam

Starting July 1 through Oct. 14, the Regional Partnering Center will offer $15 family rates (for up to six people) on the Bear Canyon shuttle at the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area between 9:15 a.m. and 4:15 p.m.  The shuttle will drop families off at the Sabino Canyon Dam to picnic in a shady spot during the warm summer months. 

The following rules apply: 

Picnic at the Dam – Summer Family Rates 

  • Bear Canyon Shuttle Only 
  • $15 – Rate eligibility is for up to 2 adults over 18 and up to 4 children under 18 (accompanied by at least one adult over 18). 
  • Limited to two picnic items, e.g., a cooler and a basket, per family 

The following safety rules apply*:

  • No propane tanks allowed 
  • No glass containers allowed 
  • No open containers allowed 

    *Same safety rules apply year-round for Crawler rides to Sabino Canyon