With the early start to the monsoon season, Sabino Creek is flowing again. We are closely monitoring flow conditions and will operate conservatively to ensure the safety of our passengers. If significant rainfall is occurring in the Sabino Canyon watershed (or has recently) and/or flow is greater than 9 inches deep over any of the low water crossings, the Sabino Canyon Crawler will operate its high-water tour, with the service traveling to stop 2, and then returning with stops at Sabino Canyon Overlook and Sabino Canyon Dam. The modified tour is also approximately one hour in length, and we have a special narrative program for the high-water tour. We will reopen the Sabino Canyon Crawler tour to stop 9 when it is safe to do so.

Bear Canyon service is also suspended during high runoff events.

Sabino Canyon Crawler

Service now in operation

MASK WEARING GUIDELINES, effective April 19, 2022

Sabino Canyon Crawler has been notified that the federal mask mandate is no longer in effect for the transportation industry.

At this time, RPC employees are not required to enforce mask wearing.

The CDC continues to recommend mask wearing while onboard transit vehicles. Please respect others who choose or choose not to wear masks.

Rider Notice: Shuttle fares for rides in both Sabino Canyon and Bear Canyon have increased, effective June 1 upon completion of roadway paving improvements. Fee increases are allowed under the Regional Partnering Center’s 5-year permit with the U.S. Forest Service and have been approved by the Forest Service.

The new fares are:

Sabino Canyon: $15 for adults (previously $12)
$8 for children under 12 (previously $7)
$8 for onboard (one-way) rides (previously $7)

Bear Canyon: $8 for adults (previously $7)
$5 for children under 12 (previously $4)
$5 for onboard (one-way) rides (previously $4)

Shuttle Ticket Availability

Safety measures include:

  • The first row of seats behind the driver is reserved for passengers with mobility devices, and the seats within the driver cabin area are reserved for Sabino Canyon Crawler employees.
  • Hand sanitizer will be available at the ticketing kiosk and in the boarding area.
  • With the increased hazard for flash flooding, due to the Bighorn Fire, when rainfall is occurring or has recently occurred in the Sabino Canyon watershed, the Sabino Canyon Crawler will operate on the Highwater Tour, which goes to Stop 2 in Sabino Canyon, and then to the Sabino Overlook and Sabino Dam.
  • Passenger compartment windows have been removed from the enclosed vehicles operating on the Bear Canyon/Seven Falls Trailhead Service.
  • Cash sales will only be permitted by reserving seats with a Shuttle Concierge and using the drop box on the south side of the Shuttle Ticket building adjacent to the Ticket Kiosks. The exact fare amount is required, since no change can be given.

Sabino Canyon Crawler, an emission-free electric shuttle, enhances the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area experience and is designed to protect the area’s natural and cultural resources.

The electric shuttles seat up to 60 passengers and offer an enhanced interpretive program that shares details about how Sabino Canyon was formed, what kind of plant and wildlife live in the canyon, seasonal changes that occur in the canyon, plus important historical and cultural information.

An individualized automated narration system allows each passenger to plug provided earbuds in at their seat to enjoy a unique experience and shield non-shuttle canyon visitors from noise and sounds. The narration is available in English and Spanish. Everyone has the opportunity to enjoy details about the natural environment, cultural history, and diverse flora and fauna of the Sabino Canyon Recreation Area.

Audio is available over a speaker system on the gas-powered shuttles. All vehicles have public address systems for making emergency announcements.